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The link below provides access to the entire table of mapped activities. All mappings are ultimately integrated into the ChEMBL database - you can read about ways to query them here - but you might want to work with mappings that have only been assigned in the current round of curations. If that is the case you can download the pfam_maps table using the link provided below.

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Col name explained
map_id unique identifier for each row
activity_id activity_id as in the ChEMBL activities table
compd_id unique identifier of the domain as defined in the component_domains table in ChEMBL
domain_name name of the Pfam-A domain
category_flag Constellation in the protein: 0 - no conflict; 1 - ambiguous map; 2 - conflicting map
status_flag Status of the domain: 0 - activity mapped to domain; 1 - activities not currently mapped to domain
manual_flag 0 - activity uncurated; 1 -activity curated;
comment Curation comment
timestamp time of last curation
submitter user who submitted last curation decision

Log of assigned mappings, by date:

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